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Carnivalism Podcast No. 8 – Matt’s Soulshot Warm Up


In typical Carnivalism style Matt’s latest episode spreads genres. 60’s Philly Soul, the very first rap record from the 80s,Then there’s classic disco, late 80s Chicago house and electro house of today. Where the hell are you gonna put this your music library?

Paul Winley founded a doo-wop record label in 1956 that later on, became a hip hop label in 1976. Based on 125th Street, Harlem Paul was responsible for the “Super Disco Breaks” compilation albums that featured songs with popular breaks (of which would form the structure of hip hop songs) and were arguably the first breakbeat records in history.

Paul’s daughter Tanya “Sweet Tee”  Winley, as a result, was the first ever female rap artist to record a song in 1980 with her “Vicous Rap”. That was 2 years before Grandmaster Flash’s “the Message”.

History lesson over, class dismissed.

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  1. Do it – Runaways
  2. Vicious Rap – Tanya Winley
  3. I want to spend my life with you (Disco Tom Noble Edit) – Goldie Alexander
  4. Sunny Message – Matt Richards
  5. I Can’t Believe You Love Me – Ambassadors
  6. Mysteries of Love (Instrumental) – Fingers Inc.
  7. Food For Thought (Truby Trio Treatment Instrumental) – Kim Sanders
  8. If You Wanna Help Me Jesus – The Innocent
  9. Outta Space (meitz remix dub) – Daniel Paul
  10. Felony Funk – Swag
  11. Return 2 Acid – Kerri Chandler
  12. Morumbi – Tocadisco
  13. Manhatten Fever (Disco Tom Noble Edit) – Roundtree
  14. Surrender – The Chemical Brothers

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