Carnivalism Update 03.09.03



We’re not too sure what people get up to on Saturdays in London, but if Carnivalism goers are any thing to go by – probably not much. Friday 7th March saw our first visit to Play, EC1, and play we did.

Matt is usually quite an animated DJ, but when you see him punching the air, with what looks like some unfortunate nervous twitch, you know it’s because the crowd are loving it too.

Dom’s usual trance like concentration made way for what matt would describe as ‘conductor’s arm syndrome’ – The uncontrollable arm gestures a DJ makes when he can hear a beat is about to kick in, sending his audience into a frenzy of whoops and cheers, jumps and twists. A ‘I think you might like this’ cheekiness of sorts.

The music (obviously) is important at our nights but it’s the crowd that make the evening. When the dance floor spills over into the bar, the glass collectors shimmy, the bar staff sing and the manager’s dancing all night we know the Carnivalism atmosphere has shone through.

Cheers for joining in. As always, thanks to the old faithful and to our new friends. If we even see half of you again, London will no doubt once more have splinter groups of Saturday “do-or die” drinking sessions, jaded fry-ups, humming of favorite tunes, and the exchange of tales of break dance battles, and far too much foot tapping for any single pair of shoes to manage.

Plans are afoot to return to Play so watch this space….


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