Carnivalism update 26.06.03



Summer is now in full swing with an array of barbeques, festivals, cavorting in parks, pimms, impulse purchasing of paddling pools and hoegaarden with a twist of lemon.

DJ mag credits Carnivalism


With the next Carnivalism night just over a week away, the guestlist has started piling up.  Make sure your names are on the list to gain free entry.  DJ magazine have very kindly declared this month’s invite “top flyer” in their latest edition.  Look out for the “Club players” section in their magazine.

Next Carnivalism, Saturday 5th July – Play

Marcus Price (Dragon/ Embassy/ Charterhouse) will be opening proceedings on 6th July. His funk, soul, hip-hop selection will have you rocking before you get your second pint.

Carnivalism Mix CD Two

This is going to end up with someone getting hurt but we promise that we will finalize what tracks are going to feature on our second cd very soon.  Then Dom and Matt will hide away in a bedroom somewhere with some Stellas and a pizza and knock one out for want of a better term.


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