Carnivalism Update 18.07.03



As quick as we plan them, they seem to slip through our fingers – cheers to all who made the latest Carnivalism go with such a bang. If anyone can explain why Matt found a blonde wig in his record box when he got home he’d be most grateful. Answers on a post card…

It’s ma birthday…

Our 1st anniversary shindig is now secured for the Notting Hill Carnival. We’ll see you back where it all began on Sunday 24th August, keep your eyes on the site as we’ll post the flyer and more details in the next couple of days. One thing – book Tuesday off work… you might just need it after the weekend’s out! We’d love to see all friends who’ve partied with us over the past year dance along to celebrate in a big way. Pressies for the  lovely people. Birthday cards can be sent via email.

Carnivalism Mix Two

It’s going be a toughie but a decision’s a decision. Dom and Matt are banging heads together (in not too a dissimilar fashion  to a pair of butting Rams) to bring you their second mix compilation. No doubt the tracks included will rekindle some blurred distant memories of throwing yourself around the dance floor in a suitably Carnivalism style


Our sordid and rather public love affair with Andy & Claire (Buenodisco ladies) continues on the 1st August. See our listings for more details.


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