Carnivalism Update 28.08.03



It’s finally arrived.  Once again West London  streets are filled with colorful costumes, static sound systems, jerk chicken and the cozy smell of cannabis wafting by dancing policemen…..well, that kind of thing anyway.  It’s time once more for the Notting Hill Carnival and, our first birthday.

We have been working tirelessly over the past weeks to bring you the latest Carnivalism bash right in the midst of things on Carnival Sunday.  The CD’s is complete, the beer is in (Matt knows he saw the cellar), and the North Pole is waiting with open arms for you.

Remember that if swarming masses is not your thing but you do enjoy a boogie, you can still get to Carnivalism without having to weave through a couple of million whooping maniacs – head for White City tube and take a leisurely stroll up Wood Lane to us.

Rumors are kicking around about a last minute after party on the Monday also but this all depends on whether or not Dom & Matt are sober enough or that sleep deprivation hasn’t taken its toll.

Bring your whistles, bring your horns, shake your booties and have a top Carnival!

Love Matt, Dom & Emmaxxx


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