Carnivalism Update 10.10.03



“Been a long time since we look into your eyes….”

Boy have we missed you since our 1st Anniversary at the Notting Hill Carnival. So you will be glad to here of our next party on the 18th of October. If any of you missed out on our little Birthday pressie, let us know and we’ll send one to you in the post.  We are still going through all the photos picking out some for the site – due to be posted any day now.

Again we are on the hunt for bigger and better venues after a wonderful 6 months at Play.  Wanting to keep things fresh, it is perhaps time to move on (plus I think we may have fallen out with their sound system on our last visit!).  We may return at some stage but for the time being we are looking for other decks to spin.

Summer seems  in the far distant pass now as the winter party season commences. Remember if you’re thinking of Christmas parties and you need some tunes, give us a shout we are normally happy to help a party on its way.

Matt, Dom & Emma xxx


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