Carnivalism podcast No.4



The Stanton Warriors have been a major influence in Matt’s record collection, filling a large portion of his breakbeat section.

West Country’s Mark Yardley & Dominic B have been responsible for a record bag load of remixes and their own productions. Their reworks of Goose’s “Bring it On” and “Rocker” by Alter Ego are but 2 examples of an extensive catalogue that have earned them the international recognition that they deserve.

Our first discovery of them was back in 2000 with their release Da Virus and the love affair continued from there on in.

If you have never heard of them check out any of their three “Stanton Sessions” compilations, guaranteed to get your booty shakin’.

  1. The Move (To The Sun Edit) – Serafin
  2. Rock It Don’t Stop (Original Mix) – Roman Bruderer
  3. Feels Good (Original Mix) – Exit only
  4. Start To Play (Original Mix) – Wagon Cookin’
  5. Donut (Original Mix) – Gorge & Nick Curly
  6. Bring It On (Stanton Warriors Remix) – Goose
  7. Rocker (Stanton Warriors Remix) – Alter Ego
  8. Shake And Play (Original Mix) – Janette Slack
  9. Memories feat. Marcel (Main Mix) – Rocco
  10. Moods Feat. Lemon (Original Mix) – Shlomi Aber
  11. Break It Down (BluFin) (Meerbusch Edit) – Q-Ram
  12. Untitled (Deadmau5 Remix) – Jorgensen
  13. I Take You Out To Space (2007) – The Mulder


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