Carnivalism’s Birthday Podcast – Notting Hill Carnival Special



You would hardly believe that the Carnivalism partnership has been going for 7 years now. And although our public appearances aren’t as prolific as they used to be, think of us more like your favourite takeaway delivery, bringing the Carnivalism vibes to you, rather than you coming to us. But don’t think that’s the end of our playing live. Like Arnie, we’ll be back…

A gradual and beautiful introduction from  Deneice Williams is a precursor to a track that Norman Jay will inevitably play over carnival weekend. Free by J Marky & Makoto (feat.Deeizm) is a D&B rendition that featured in a podcast Norman recorded for Time Out last summer and is sure to set the crowds on fire this weekend.

After he parted company with BBC London 94.9 in February 2008 due to programming issues and although Jazzy B has done a sterling effort in filling the gap, you can’t help but feel London is a little less richer without the dulcet tones of Norman picking out some musical gems every Sunday.

You can listen to Norman’s Timeout podcast by following this link;

  1. Free-Deneice Williams
  2. The Whip-The Ethiopians
  3. Cocaine in my Brain – Dillenger
  4. The Beach – Chris Rea
  5. Music Trance – Charanga 76
  6. What is it (Part II) – Garnett Mimms & Truckers
  7. Ye Phepha (DF’s Joberg Vocal Mix) – Bongo Marrin
  8. Mirror Dance – Afete Iku
  9. NY Jump (BC Edit) – Disco Deviance
  10. Simple Things (Todd Terje Mix) – Shit Robot
  11. Get Up Stand Up – The Chequres
  12. Tribulations – LCD Soundsystem
  13. etstream (Lindstrom Mix) – Doves
  14. Nobody’s Business – BIllie
  15. Passion (Motorcity Drum Ensemble) – Tom Trago
  16. Night Owl (Manoo & Francoisca remix) – Justin Martin
  17. Habanero – Sven Tasnadi
  18. Contemplation (King Britt Funke remix) – Josh One
  19. Into the Groove – Rhythm Replublic
  20. Gimme a Smile (The Delorme vs Dharma Bums Mix) – Lost Tribe
  21. Macho Disco Master – Wild GeeseUnderwater – Harry Thumann


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