New & Improved Carnivalism!



new&improvedHello & a warm welcome to 2nd edition.

It has been awfully overdue but at last our website has drunkenly stumbled into the modern era of web blog type ting!

The overhaul makes news updates a whole lot easier and hopefully those who are still struggling to access our lovely podcasts should now be able to do so (no matter what media player you use). Each and every episode is now available in dual format. Posts will be categorised for you to find what you are after by using the menus on the right hand side.

Those who want to keep abreast of everything can subscribe by clicking on the RSS feeds (Subscribe section on the right) and get emails anytime new things are added to our shiny new website.

We are also digging through the dusty archives of party days gone by and are adding old pictures, flyers & press coverage.

So have a rummage, you might find something you like and we can get on bringing you more music and parties.


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