Carnivalism Podcast No. 14 A Deeper November mix



I dusted off some vinyl and did a little mix, more minimal/electro than usual… bit creaky in places but never mind, it’s all about the music anyway! enjoy!

  1. untitled – david hausdorf (7th bouquet)
  2. long shadows (christian prommer mix) – pedro madeira (buzzin’ fly)
  3. guinea pig (vocal variation with julia biel) – ben watt (buzzin’ fly)
  4. in love with a german film star (stuck in the 80s mix) – sam taylor & the pet shop boys (kompakt pop)
  5. lighters – king unique (junior london)
  6. hearts on fire – cut/copy (modular)
  7. see what we’ve become – ghost cauldron (!K7)
  8. (this) is the dream of evan and chan (superpitcher kompakt mix) – dntel (plug research)
  9. the happy monster – hug (k2)
  10. insomnia (kemistry remix) – rodamaal feat. claudia franco (buzzin’ fly)
  11. number one – eastwick and holloway (wall of sound)


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