Carnivalism Fridays No. 93 – Ronnie Hudson & The Street People – West Coast Poplock

Besides being an absolute party starter, this one is a bit messy so let’s start from the beginning and I hope I get it straight…

One of Funk’s forefathers and Roger Troutman who was renowned for his use of the talkbox (before any of this autotune rubbish came about) produced tracks under the his own name Roger, but also the band called Zapp, which would later become his solo name too.

1980 Zapp & Roger releases More Bounce to the Ounce.
1981 Roger releases So Ruff So Tuff which takes a lot of elements from More Bounce…
1982 Ronnie Hudson & The Street People then produce a variation of So Ruff So Tuff with their own additional lyrics and call it West Coast Poplock. They also released East Coast Poplock in the same year.
1995 2Pac releases California Love, in which Roger Troutman sings the lyrics from Ronnie Hudson’s Westcoast Poplock.

A cover of a cover, that covers a cover?

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