Carnivalism Podcast No. 23 – 100 Carnivalism Fridays



For 100 weeks, every Friday, Carnivalism brings you a song to get you into step for the weekend. Our latest podcasts celebrates 100 special feelings that the weekend, is here!

Probably worth mentioning the Red Bull Music Academy as two of this episode’s tracks were recorded at the world-travelling school for music.

The Academy is series of music workshops and festivals and is a platform for those who make a difference in today’s musical landscape.

Signor Mako, Santiago Latorre & Behr collaborated to bring us the beautiful “Late”.

Latorre’s work absorbs the myriad sounds of our everyday world, looping them with layers of voice and instruments. Having studied classic saxophone, piano and jazz at conservatories in Barcelona and Zaragoza, he now flips the technique via microphones, software and MIDI controllers, taking his show to concert venues from Spain to Eastern Asia.

Behr DJs and creates deep house and techno, using an intricate live set up, triggering visuals via his electronic drum kit. His tribute to the Twa tribe ‘The Forgotten People’ caught the hips and imaginations of dancefloors across South Africa and beyond.

Find out more on these artists an the fantastic things that the Academy are doing at The Red Bull Academy


  1. Late – Signor Mako, Santiago Latorre & Behr
  2. I Wanna Dance – Girls On Top
  3. Blacker – Ballistic Brothers
  4. Body Music (Shep’s Master Mix) – The Strikers
  5. Dance Freak – Chain Reaction
  6. One Nation Under A Groove – Funkadelic
  7. Do It Good (Crazy P’s ‘we Found The Parts On Our Atari’ Remix) – Crazy Penis
  8. Sereia (Original Mix) – Mundo Azul
  9. Stop – Casco Presents BWH
  10. Meet Me At Topazdeluxe (feat Superpitcher Guest Starring Miriam Torres) – Rebolledo
  11. The Journey – Scott Grooves
  12. You Said You Loved Me – Krystal Klear, Broke One & Ghosts On Tape
  13. Sing – Rhythm Code
  14. Fly Life (Brix Mix) – Basement Jaxx
  15. For Your Love (Pépé Bradock’s Tendre Piperade) – Kemetic Just
  16. (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop (JR.Dynamite Edit) – The Fatback Band
  17. Never Forget (When You Touch Me) – Hardrive 2000
  18. Spread Love – Black Sun
  19. Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (Leftside Wobble Edit) – Idris Muhammad


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