Carnivalism Beauty is in the Beat



Carnivalism – it began in 2002 at a Carnival after party in a basement bar in West London, went dancing around various London bars and river Thames boats, via free CDs and now free podcasts. Times move fast.

Matt Richards & Dom Forbes celebrate music from all walks of life, in different shapes and sizes, covering house music in her various guises, reggae, disco, pop…

This website is all about the music we like and mixes we’ve made. Glad you could join us.

The podcast on this site has been produced on a non-commercial basis and for the sole purpose of bringing great artists and their music to the attention of many. If you like what you hear, then please support it by purchasing music through authorised channels. No individual tracks are hosted by this resource. If are the owner and you wish your material to be removed from a particular mix, please contact


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