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Carnivalism’s Birthday Podcast – Notting Hill Carnival Special
Carnivalism's Birthday Podcast - Notting Hill Carnival Special

You would hardly believe that the Carnivalism partnership has been going for 7 years now. And although our public appearances aren’t as prolific as they used to be, think of us more like your favourite takeaway delivery, bringing the Carnivalism vibes to you, rather than you coming to us. But don’t think that’s the end […]

Carnivalism Podcast No. 11 – Summer soulful deep house
Carnivalism Podcast No. 11 - Summer soulful deep house

The latest instalment of the Carnivalism podcast is available for anyone who needs a little extra spring in their pre-weekend step. Not long now till the streets of Notting Hill are full of arms waving around like they just don’t care, jerk chicken , Red Stripe, Good Times, whistles, and of course, carnival punch! At […]

Carnivalism Podcast No.10 – Road Trip to Wales
Carnivalism Podcast No.10 - Road Trip to Wales

It’s drive time for Carnivalism as head to the Valleys for a friends wedding – come join us and listen to our motorway soundtrack. Will it last all the way or will we have to experience local radio once we’re over the bridge? Only time will tell! Subscribe in iTunes ⇔ Download right-click-and-save on a […]

Carnivalism Podcast No. 9 – Matt’s Summer Vibes
Carnivalism Podcast No. 9 - Matt's Summer Vibes

We have been quiet and for that we apologise. Summer songs incoming… Vangelis under the guise of Odyssey, Pueto Rico’s Latin Jazz, together with house, R&B and Jazz mixed with Drum & Bass. Foot-tappingly eclectic, best served with sunshine. Subscribe in iTunes ⇔ Download right-click-and-save on a PC // ctrl+click on a Mac  TRACKLISTING Beyonce […]

Carnivalism Podcast No. 8 – Matt’s Soulshot Warm Up
Carnivalism Podcast No. 8 - Matt's Soulshot Warm Up

In typical Carnivalism style Matt’s latest episode spreads genres. 60’s Philly Soul, the very first rap record from the 80s,Then there’s classic disco, late 80s Chicago house and electro house of today. Where the hell are you gonna put this your music library? Paul Winley founded a doo-wop record label in 1956 that later on, […]

Carnivalism Podcast No. 7 – Matt’s Big Love Mix
Carnivalism Podcast No. 7 - Matt's Big Love Mix

This Carnivalism podcast is an oozing funk tip.  Matt searches for something a little more old school.  It’s Disco, it’s Funk, but there are a couple of new house gems in there too. Joe Claussell recently played “God Created Woman” at one of the many closing parties at Mr C’s the End in Holborn London. […]

Carnivalism Podcast No. 6 – Matt’s Bestival 2008 Tribute
Carnivalism Podcast No. 6 - Matt's Bestival 2008 Tribute

Subscribe in iTunes | Audio Stream Recorded back in September and dedicated to a brilliant weekend slopping about in the mud.  Inspiration coming from Greg Wilson, Horsemeat Disco & Hercules Love Affair, Gilles Peterson & Todd Terje to name but a few. Although the rain was torrential nothing was going to stop us having fun […]

Carnivalism podcast No.5 – Dom’s Sunday Morning Mix
Carnivalism podcast No.5 - Dom's Sunday Morning Mix

Subscribe in iTunes | Audio Stream This episode heads for a chilled out deep house vibe, linking some fairly old stuff with some tunes Dom bought in Tokyo earlier in the year. Recorded on a grey and rainy day Sunday. Subscribe in iTunes ⇔ Download right-click-and-save on a PC // ctrl+click on a Mac  TRACKLISTING […]

Carnivalism podcast No.4
Carnivalism podcast No.4

The Stanton Warriors have been a major influence in Matt’s record collection, filling a large portion of his breakbeat section. West Country’s Mark Yardley & Dominic B have been responsible for a record bag load of remixes and their own productions. Their reworks of Goose’s “Bring it On” and “Rocker” by Alter Ego are but […]

Carnivalism podcast No.3
Carnivalism podcast No.3

Sorry couldn’t help a little nod of the head to the fact that the new Star Wars film is out! Mention has to go out to Spirit Catcher who feature in this episode of the Carnivalism podcast. You have to check out their website complete with DIY Spirit Catcher sounds. Belgium duo Jean Vanesse & […]

Carnivalism Podcast No.2
Carnivalism Podcast No.2

The second of edition of the Carnivalism Podcasts kicks off with the warm sounds of Canadian born Deadmau5’s “Faxing Berlin”. There is something nostalgic about the soothing synth keys running through this Progressive House track, warming and soothing at the same time. Toronto based Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) has taken the dance scene by storm, shifting […]

Carnivalism Podcast No.1
Carnivalism Podcast No.1

As Matt & Emma relocated to Manchester in 2006, the chances for many events were looking remote. To keep the Carnivalism flame flickering, we started producing podcasts in the summer of 2007. After posting a few old mixes, beforehand, this was the first edition of the Carnivalism podcast that offered iTunes users the opportunity to […]

A Dirty Mix by Matt for Debbie’s Dirty Thirty
A Dirty Mix by Matt for Debbie's Dirty Thirty

A good friend turns 30 so a group of us high tail it to Ibiza for some dancing in the sun. We made this mix to get us in the mood while on the beach. …I think it worked… Subscribe in iTunes ⇔ Download right-click-and-save on a PC // ctrl+click on a Mac  TRACKLISTING Take […]

Carnivalism Mix CD TWO
Carnivalism Mix CD TWO

Our second CD was to celebrate our 1st birthday and gave copies out to guests as we took over the North Pole for the two days of the Notting Hill Carnival, 2003. Far too many songs to talk about here but a mention does have to go to DJ Gregory and his classic Block Party. […]

Carnivalism Mix CD ONE
Carnivalism Mix CD ONE

As a Christmas present to our keen early followers, we gave out this cd at our first Christmas Party in Soho at Sub Logic, Argyle St. It was the first mix that Dom & Matt recorded together and it all took place one Sunday locked away, while everyone else were indulging in a Sunday session […]